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we will devote quick check on weather and traffic. good morning we have more fog this morning and we did yesterday this is our roof cam rashad sunny and warmer this afternoon a tad warmer than we had yesterday and expect hot weather tomorrow
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we're going to have weather in the '90s we will have a complete forecast. >> live look at the bay bridge to ask it was all have to contend with overnight construction that will be in effect until 5:00 a.m. >> top story cisco will be cutting his 6500 employees it will include the peck employees here in san jose >> out of the 6500 cisco employees let go 2100 can take part in an early retirement program. the
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network equipment making company in need to lay people off in order to increase profits. the city's economy will not be affected by this layoff. >> it is always a concern and we always watch we have an excellent work to future program. finding joy for employees ari. with the people they are cutting francisco they will be great for other
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medias. >> one person is dead and a community is up said with an officer involved shooting. he ran from officers when the officers approached him for a muni transfer past carried. >> sounds francisco police checked the facts prove the officers had no other choice but to shoot a man was shot when he was confronted by officers. at a news conference monday he laid it all out how cameras in the area recorded their >> he turned and started firing on the officers the
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officers returned fire. independent witnesses and once again i applaud the witnesses that came forward confirmed the suspected fire on the officers burst. >> the audio is surveillance cameras. and >> after the shooting bystander grabbed the gun but they got a tip and were able to retrieve the gun and they are now testing at >> there is several examinations that are going on napa gunshot residue test on the suspect's hand dna.
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>> harding a shooting sparked a protest in the bayview district. conflicting stories that whether he had a gun or not is a disturbing they are saying it he should of been arrested and putting handcuffs instead of being shot. harding was convicted of three felonies in the past three years. he found out that recently starting just got out of jail. >> i been researching the officer involved shooting in washington state as well as washing d.c. the documents
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and mug shots i was able to obtain showed parting has a long history with the law he has been convicted of soliciting prostitution and a house report report. he got in trouble trying to pay about a 13 year-old girl he was trying to sell her for 52 honored dollars. he was also involved in a bus driver attacked there in the driver warned hurting and his friends to quiet down and watch his language. >> time now for 06 a.m. a
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lot of is happening this morning >> we are looking at at cloudy foggy start this morning. currently 56 degrees in san francisco will reach a high of 70 later on this afternoon. slightly more and these bay this is a look of current temperatures right now. . this is a look of temperature changes from the past 24 hours and you conceive livermore is a five
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degree increase. mostly 60s and '70s fewer 60s today mostly 70 degree weather around the bay area. we are talking '80s mid to upper 80s in other secondtions. san francisco-based 70 downtown and 79 in redwood city. or in mid upper 80s in the walnut creek area. i will
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have more on the forecast on our next update. >> we are still dealing with some overnight construction. taking a look at our traffic maps' we are all in the grain and the overnight construction is still in effect. traffic is still light in the area no significant delays. looking at the cemetery bridge traffic is nicely heading now to foster city and the golden gate bridge southbound 101 no cameras in our shot
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>> it is now for 10 a m we will do more news when we get back here live look outside from our mt. tam cam. the truck, is trying to sneak up behind the mountains we will be right back. ]s
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revenues for border looks they will be closing their doors for good 11,000 people will lose their jobs the liquidation process will start as soon as friday if out for a bankruptcy. these are listed order books in our area. more on this story
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and about the closing coming ups also clorox is turning down an offer. hygienic is at the height is shareholder in clorox
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self polaris are becoming more frequent in san francisco our reporter talks to a victim and how to protect ourselves from being the next a plum
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>> smart phones were stolen most robbers take the phone after they hit their victim. >> i got home from work that i cannot to man approached me and asked abuse myself on i told him now and another guy came from my left and pushed me in no grudge i need your phone i said now. then things escalated or not messing around and pulled out letdown and all i saw was a barrel of it i at that point i handed over my found >> the smart phone robberies' are happening in the city in more often these days. >> it is a why not
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restricted to one area there is a black market for these cells for these devices. >> it is more to keep funds and other valuables out of sight. but as you can see there is an abundance of people walking around with their found out. >> san jose a shooting the left and three people shot on sunday night was gang- related. one person approached the group that was having a barbecue and fires rounds the suspect got away before police arrived. >>, police were able to get to them in a security camera video.
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>> it is that this target was they arrested these women after they broke into five cars one of the stores caught the crime on a surveillance camera. stewart was said and have her four month old daughter with our when she was committing robbery. your video of her and her four months old entering target date spotted the vehicle and two vehicles coming into the store they were returning merchandise that they had previously stolen and then they were arrested in the parking lot. the four month old daughter was returned to
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relatives. >> now we will talk about the forecast we'll have to say? >> the city lights are obscured by all low new-line cloud with what is for the headlines for today temperatures in the 50 and 60s today and we have the same story this afternoon will mostly because sunny and warm temperatures will range from the '60s in the '80s. as you head out the door this morning a quick look temperatures around the bay area on the east side we're seeing more temperatures. a slightly
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warmer start than yesterday. yesterday we had '50s along the coast not the case today we are going to have 60s. we're going to get into the mid to upper 80s. this is a look of temperatures around the bay area area by area.
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this is a lot of your seven day forecast it will be warmer to marlowe and wednesday mid to upper 90s for the inland areas that we pull back on the temperature as we head into the weekend but plenty of sunshine that philly summertime weather >> good news all around no hot spots to tell you about pretty easy conditions no matter where you are heading you will still have to contend with some overnight construction that will only be in effect till 5:00 a.m. it is not causing any traffic delays san mateo
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bridge lite traffic in both directions. traffic is moving smoothly along below the nimitz freeway and from the golden gate bridge light traffic >> severed cisco state senator lee lindy once to freeze paychecks. in-state
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students will now pay $600 more per year. uc regents order approved a 9.6% increase. the increase covers the shortfall of over $1 billion in funding. this is a live look out as san jose we will be right back. for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure.
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the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child.
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the fun hatchings landaulet as blocked the media a whistle-blower expense in news corp. gays has been found dead we will find out the latest from after chase
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>> it is another mysterious twist in this opera this time an individual john hall was a this show-biz correspondent was found dead in his home outside of what occurred near the british capital. mr. hall was the whistleblower in the sacking scandal. he is the one that made the first accusation. he was aware then and then on news of the world reporters are happening cell
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spotfunds he is also said that have special access to police files they were on that they were able to pinpoint locations from the signals. delays provided the service to the newsgroup very he was at the front of many accusations. >> just reading this of the wires in the latest on the start rupert murdoch's car
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was mobbed by photographers as he left a grilling in parliament. we will have a you updated on the story as more news comes into the newsroom much more ahead coming up on the kron 4 morning news
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is 4:30 a.m. and it's a rather dark shot. we will get to our top stories in just a minute and a quick check of weather and traffic >> live look at the san mateo bridge fairly good visibility. we do have some fog out there this morning impact in the peninsula. it
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is doing at his job by keeping our temperatures and a little warmer than we had yesterday. >> we're all set and the traffic department we are not lot looks seeing any hotspots this is a live look at the bay bridge span this is towards emphasis company and i will be updating overnight construction spots coming up. >> the budget bottle is having a effects on the court they will be cutting 40 percent of the stuff they are $13 million in debt it will be longer waits for people that are waiting to deal with the legal system.
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>> the reduction in service that is so severe it will dismantle our court. >> that cuts will mean bigger stacks of paperwork which you're looking at is some of the civil cases that need to be seen by the other judge it is just going to get worse at the end of september when people that pushed this paper lose their it jobs. >> they will not make it into the court room in less than five years. >> people the one pay their tickets and fines will have to wait. >> obtaining a copy of this
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all records will take at least three months. >> the case is that not impacted our criminal and shot custody cases them with judicial process will be a little more slow. the layoffs and as a firefighters bay starter retraining cars current almost 50 were laid off at because of the grants they can be rehired and cannot be laid off for two years.
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>> police say 19 or kenneth hardy when from officers when he board, muni train. he ran away and started a fire on officers officers returned the fire he was involved with a 19 year-old pregnant woman in washington. >> the facts prove they had no choice but to fire at them suspects. he was fatally shot with a confrontation for a vat of there on the muni at a news conference on monday how cameras in the area recorded the shots >> he turned and started firing upon the officers and
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officers returned fire and striking mr. harding quarterly when gent want him. >> and a special audio system that was in the area recorded the audio of >> after the shooting up bystanders that stole the gun they got it set and were able to retrieve the gun and they are now testing had " >> we are testing for giant gunshot residue on his hands and a weathered the
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weapon is operable. >> that shooting of kevin hardy spark a protest in the bayview district there are conflicting stories of whether he had a cover not and that is what is disturbing to them. they were talked to people in the area to find out what happened. >> we have a live look at walnut creek just a few cars snaking through the valley. everyone is going to be enjoying sunny weather today ari. we are seeing 50s
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and 60s in the area. these are more than they were yesterday. this is a difference in temperatures from of the past 24 hours. this afternoon the temperatures will wall spread out we are looking mainly at 60s along the coast as you head the east they will be into the 80 degree weather. this el look around the bay of temperatures for later on this afternoon. we'll have
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your seven day forecast coming ups and the mid week warm up starts tomorrow it goes up into the '90s house traffic? >> no hotspots are snags to tell you about a look at the bay bridge currently problem free. it is a nice and light
4:39 am
ride those heading to the san mateo bridge more cars smoothes his sailing getting to the bridge perry thought speeds 60 m.p.h. new cars with the camera shot on the golden gate bridge perr. no delays for mass transit to report this morning. >> out want a girl wildfire in scotts valley it started yesterday afternoon i
4:40 am
helicopter into air tankers and several engine companies were used to fight this fire the to ground does look scorched would have more on the kron 4 morning news and also another dust storm in phoenix. will have more on these and other stories will return.
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more pressure on u.s. air ways for profiling this all goes back to merman some removal from a u.s. air ways flight because of baggy pants the naacp protested outside the u.s. air ways ticket counter they believe that airline is guilty of discrimination and they want the company to apologize to sean marin buried they want
4:43 am
employees to go under sensitivity training. we spoke with several travelers on their opinion on this >> i now think it was any type of a threat. >> one could argue that it could be banned racial profiling going on. >> i think it could happen on any airline >> if i had a dress a certain way i might have to look at a different flight. >> people where bizarre things all the time. >> i think they should have as a sign posted no baggy pants
4:44 am
>> it's a case by case thing >> u.s. air ways and had said that he was removed and the flame for being disruptive. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge not lot of traffic out there but some fog.
4:45 am
4:46 am
along was set on fire and burned in the street they are certain to close in automotive. >> they are trying to find out who killed monocoque her
4:47 am
body will was set on fire and an work last week or losses funeral is expected for later on in the wake. >> this is the video that everyone is going to be talking about today the second massive dust storm in phoenix arizona. >> another magnificent display of dust consuming daylight. >> he was on his way to and found himself surrounded by mother nature. >> my first thought i thought it was turned cell.
4:48 am
after the dust storm the rain came. when the storm hit everybody or ran for cover. >> now what of the forecast which you have for us and cooler temperatures this is our view from that is what we're waking up to this morning. low clouds and coastal fog will be sunny and warm later on this afternoon. the coastal
4:49 am
falwell return to the coastline and later on in the evening. this morning we're dealing with the fog and this is some satellite map of the fog. it will pull back by noontime and our temperatures will be in the '50s and '60s. 60s along the coastline and '70s and upper 80s are seven day forecast are afternoon highs tomorrow will be in the '90s will
4:50 am
pull it back i'll little bit and then we have a comfortable weekend and head. >> still quiet and no hot spots around the bay area. i live look at the span traffic is moving well at the toll plaza no wait the metering lights are suckled off. san mateo bridge light traffic and the southbound 101 across the golden gate bridge only one car on the screen. the delays on
4:51 am
northbound won a one out of the down time area. >> lots of ideas but no solid decision not made in washington both sides of crafting plans to help balance the budget were continues throughout the week and this is the latest >> with the august 2nd deadline looming there struggling to come to won agreement on how to balance the budget >> in a short period of time we remain confident it will happen it is important. >> top leaders are not letting up on negotiations. later today bipartisan senators would bring their
4:52 am
proposal to the table. they want to cut cab and balance. the president said he would veto the plan if it reaches his desk was paired >> either to be meaningful budget control that is the real question >> in san mateo hundreds visited the commercial district. it was a variety of foods the goal is to revitalize the area and attract new customers >> they are family oriented down here and be able to
4:53 am
have the new workers walk the streets and get to know us. it was a great way to bring people down here food always brings people together some cities have opposed the this type of event. >> will look at people behaving badly and a live look outside we will be behaving badly and a live look outside we will be right back. hi. you know i can hi. save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks
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if you're not completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you won't pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value, free! get the protection you need right now. call or go to to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. some people like to go against the current in when they do it in san francisco we call of people behaving badly >> who your eyes are not receiving new you're seeing a driver go the wrong way on the freeway why am shooting
4:56 am
the video another officer is heading over to stop this driver. to relax your little bit the driver is riding on and she drove quite a bit long distance and a few times she stopped. and now it appears she tries to do a u-turn on the other freeway. the driver was heading to costco and missed a last exit. if you're like me wanna know why the driver was understanding which she was doing >> she told the officer she was not going the wrong way
4:57 am
yet she did get a ticket driving the waterway is a misdemeanor she was issued up hot ticket for improper use therein if you missed the last exit on napthe freeway goethe the next exit and turn around there. >> if you have more interesting stories to tell stanley been e-mail met people leaving badly at
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5:00 am
the morning it's 5:00 a.m. a win server the went missing just north of the san mateo bridge. >> family and friends of the seven missing fishermen are having a fund-raiser. all >> so cisco is laying off 65 letter to employees. >> first we will come to whether and traffic >> we will have to contend with morning fog and clouds as we head into the afternoon we will have sunday warmer conditions compared to what we saw
5:01 am
yesterday and we will see how weather as we push interest tomorrow. i will have more on the forecast in my next report now let's take a look a traffic >> no backups or delays pick with the bay bridge in the west bound ride is an easy trip. no problems to report for public transit >> of developing story the coast guard are searching for amanda went missing in yesterday near coyote point this is a closer look of the area we're talking about. kron 4 welch ran as an ad coast guard headquarters with the latest >> the coastguard said they
5:02 am
have surged 82 nautical mile. this is video of this search they have been using a coast guard ships as well as local ships. she is carrying a radio but there is no gps system on the radio there in she still has a fighting chance they are still searching and around the area where she went missing she was wearing a wet so when she they have had boats in the water all night.
5:03 am
>> will be keeping updated on that story >> family and friends of the seven bay area fishermen went missing after their fishing boat capsized are not losing hope and they are raising money to have a private diver picco searched the boat. searches were called off last week they covered 7000 square miles the fund-raiser will be hassled in a danville. 20 percent of the proceeds will be go to the fund to continue the search efforts >> cisco will be laying off 6500 employees in 2100 will
5:04 am
have a choice of taking early retirement they need to reduce the operating costs by one multibillion- dollar swirled wh. >> it is always a concern is always something we watch we help provide benefits to please it is something we're very engaged with and partner with. pink slips will be given to employees the first week of august.
5:05 am
the fog dow fell 95 points on monday. the commerce department is announcing a number on housing earnings reports are also due paren. aman gets approval for the california sells tax. >> of the ongoing budget alex they're going to vote on a tea party backed plan today they are going to
5:06 am
provide an amendment for a balanced budget. august 2nd is the deadline. the white house's already promised a veto if it lands on his desk. >> another giant dust storm rolled through phoenix arizona and we would die you more about that and this is a live look of the golden gate bridge we will be right back.
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5:09 am
a live look outside at 5:09 a.m. and we are looking at the maps fog in the north bay area a complete check on
5:10 am
your weather forecaster ed had >> in phoenix and it wasn't fog but a giant wall of dust that rolled out through the area. this one past " in and how or perry it destructive in travel and created dangerous conditions to for people outside there were flight delays the does storm was 3,000 ft. high with a cast up to 40 m.p.h. visibility was down 2 1/4 of a mile. >> atlantis on docked from the international space station early this morning
5:11 am
they parted company forever. they are due back on earth on thursday morning and this will be the end of a 30 year era. they left behind occur member of the shuttle and an american flag and that was flown on the very first mission. >> visibility is great and traffic is nice and light we will be right back
5:12 am
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5:14 am
we do have to contend with some fog around the bay area in san jose you're currently 63 degrees and expected a high of 79 later on this afternoon. this is i
5:15 am
look of where temperatures are are around the bay area we're off to a pretty warm start we are seen mostly '50s and '60s. as we push into the afternoon we will see '70s and '80s around the bay area. 60s mostly in these bay area this is look of afternoon highs. this is
5:16 am
look of your seven day forecast we will see a spike in temperatures tomorrow temperatures will get into the 90s and warmer on the inland spots cooling down all little bit on friday and all warm up weekend i had. >> so far problem free and hotspot free commute to. traffic is move moving into this city. you see the volume on the right side of your screen node delays across the span. a little
5:17 am
fog on the golden gate bridge of no delays. >> 5:17 a.m. until alarm fire in san jose. near keene road in san jose because of the fire is under investigation firefighters got that blaze out before it spread >> about two dozen people were forced out of their home monday night you can see the damage and charred remains where the fire start all 12 residents were evacuated the fire spread from the attic space from one apartment to the unexpurgated >> when i saw the smoke coming out towards my house
5:18 am
i was worried >> the red cross is assisting people to find places to stay >> police have released a composite sketch of the robber they're looking for data held up the wells fargo bank ari. he made threats and showed an and grand and then took off with a k a surge he has a good take the same back was robbed in march pneumatia mailman delivers susps
5:19 am
to the belmont police department the mail carrier noticed these men that hanging around in front of the house he called 911 and they found that the country later and were arrested. and newark man was killed in a southern california boating accident when a 20 ft. speedboat collided with his wave runner they perform cpr betty died later on at the hospital. >> new details that on the man was shot and killed over the weekend he was identified as kenneth harding. he was convicted of three felonies in the past
5:20 am
three years one was promoting prostitution of 14 year-old girl and another one was armed are rory's. he was a person of interest in the murder of his 19 year- old woman it happened last wednesday in seattle. this is 40 of the area when he ran from officers when they wear conducting of fare evader program. police said he was running an end was firing police returned the firing point shot him fatally. >> 520 is the time right now and we will have more news this tuesday morning
5:21 am
this is a look from our mt. tam cam you can see all the cloud air cover up their will be right back
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
524 is the time right now this is a local our seven day forecast is gonna be pretty much like yesterday a little warmer the coast a school all week tamara we're getting a hot pop. a little old down before the weekend and then we warm up and once again. all large tire for iphone is sweeping western japan with record wayne falrain fall.e
5:25 am
iphone was 60 mi. south of where it landed yester. >> we're also following robert murder we're following his movements he is to >> to parliament today murder might be replaced by se. murdoch owns all lot of
5:26 am
companies. >> 399 stores of borders books will be closing their doors the liquidation project says it is expected to start on friday borders was unable to find a buyer. there are three border stores open in the bay area this is a location of where these stores are located. >> clorox is turning down of billion dollar offer. clorox says is adopting as shareholders i chan
5:27 am
>> traffic on 101 and is a light and we'll be right back ♪
5:28 am
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5:29 am
. it is 529 and i am waiting for this warm-up we have been talking about is that still going day it tomorrow? >> you will see a tomorrow and the day after morning fog today you can see all low all low cloud cover on our mt. tam camera. 66
5:30 am
degrees expected for berkeley i will have a complete breakdown of the forecast and a seven day forecast coming ups. >> we are still delay free on the roadways no hot spots to report >> 530 a m. as we look at a map they are looking for a last all those wind surfer she went missing along back i had to de part winner. i wanna show you the area of the water we're talking about a missing windsurfer
5:31 am
we're gonna go over to where welch ran is they are searching to find the win server and we will see what the latest is >> they searched all light nonstop they're changing crews and refueling this is video rehab of the search from last night they had searched 82 nautical miles they believe she is still alive at this point because the water is at 70 degrees and she is wearing a wet suit. she was carrying a radio with her but the radio does not have a gps system.
5:32 am
where are waiting for the coast guard commander to come out and >> with us.speak to us. they said that she is an experienced windsurfer and the water temperatures are in the '70s and she is wearing a wet suit that's why they are not giving up yet. we will try and get him to talk to was in just a few minutes >> another story we are following pressure continues to build on u.s. air ways on racial profiling. this all
5:33 am
started with the shot merman when he was asked by a flight crew to pull up his sagging pants. the naacp protested outside of the ticket counter of u.s. air ways yesterday. they want the airline to apologize to dijon merman and also have employees go through upset sensitivity training. >> i don't think it was racial profiling >> one could argue that it could be racial profiling going on >> it could happen on any airline
5:34 am
>> if i had a dress a certain way i might book another one i would go with the cheaper one. >> people where does are things all the time on flights. >> they should of had a sign posted no baggy pants barry >> what ever is the save as flight in the best way to go is the solution. >> he was removed from the plight because he refused to pull up his pants >> now a look of the weather durin. >> temperatures in san
5:35 am
francisco 56 degrees high- temperature today expected to be in the '70s. we are dealing with morning fog around the bay area this is the look from the satellite of the fog it is sitting over the golden gate bridge and you can also see fog in the south bay area perr. see mostly '70s are around the area of '80s further inland.
5:36 am
it is going to remain cool at the coast. this is a look of your afternoon highs around the area. some '70s and '80s further inland this is a look of your seven day forecast. : backed down on friday and saturday at than we see more or conditions for the weekend. time right
5:37 am
now 537 and traffic >> no hotspots are major delays we're looking at the upper deck of the bay bridge light and easy going into san francisco the san mateo bridge ride all little bit heavier than we have sought in the past and the golden gate bridge from marin county pismo of ride therein >> will we have right now the latest in the former british found hockey schedule the out according to police chief said 10
5:38 am
officers or worked for the newsgroup. this is video of him being swarmed by photographers when he was leaving to go and address parliament the outgoing police chief is giving evidence to lawmakers of wrongdoing and links between is please force and murder ex empire. he denies knowing anything about the phone hacking. we will be right back. @p@po'
5:39 am
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5:42 am
5:41 a.m. recall begins on the wisconsin used in fallout thousand approach testers or in the capital. >> of this is our research a burned out house police believe the father stabbed the family and and then set fire to the mom. investigators said hours before the fire and debris before his wife missing they found his wife in the parking lot of a convenience store a few hours later she and her children were dead the ages of the children to
5:43 am
pick 45 s six and seven. . a 70 year-old is in police custody in west palm beach he attacked his appearance with hammer on saturday and a lot their bodies in the bed room and then went on and hosted a party in the house how the bodies were found in the house early sunday morning. >> 5:43 a.m. let's take a break and the beginning of a beautiful we'll be right back
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
the loop coast guards are still some search for a loss all those at windsurfer they have already is search along section of the waterway today they were use helicopters and boats 62 year-old to kathy custom went missing. >> the friends and family of the seven missing fishermen that on a fishing boat that capsized it off the coast of mexico are holding a fund- raiser. 20 percent of the proceeds will go to funding the research. >> cisco will be laying off
5:48 am
6500 employees and they are doing this to cut cost. the pink slips will start coming out by friday. >> the good news is we don't have any special advisor is to report. the low cloud cover is keeping temperatures warmer. we will see is sunday warmer conditions later on this afternoon warmer than yesterday. the fog will return from the coastline we are sitting currently in the '50s and '60s. aid is warming up in the south bay area as we head into the
5:49 am
afternoon we are receiving those temperatures rise. a bit cooler along the coast '70s along the peninsula warmer than that inland perr. we will see a mixed bag of '70s and '80s. this is older 70 forecast. temperatures could get into the upper 90s tomorrow.
5:50 am
temperature stress off on friday and then we see once again warmer conditions clear the way down perry >> we are still problem free with no delays are hotspot to report we are starting with a bridge check bearing still a small commute into san francisco. salarsan mateo bridge no problems and this is look of fear golden gate bridge no delays or incidents to report.
5:51 am
>> 5:51 a.m. they're going to >> to students about balancing athletics perry they are talking to at rest boys of its first will be nine months since the the san francisco won the world series. they're looking for
5:52 am
the baby clothes unborn closes to the win on august 1st moms and dads happen to july 31st to enter the contest they want to know your due date and a photo and a whole story and showing their giants loyalty. >> live look good san jose will be back in just one moment.
5:53 am
hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
5:54 am
your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
5:55 am
5:56 am
mid-80s and sunny it's gonna be nice lot of sunshine this week. >> we are just talking about this and the buzz. >> they were walking down the beach when they hear his song of playing in sun our reception area this is the bridegroom how malaria's is this. the two most famous stars right now i love this video they were playing one of his song and this is a the brightest day will never forget that they crashed a wedding. that is so
5:57 am
adorable. nobody there will ever forget what happened and jennifer lopez and mark antony splitting ups. it was like a whole we are getting a divorce they are still moving together professionally. they have their own talent show they also have kids to take care of. the 89 year-old body was asked to the marine col ball but unfortunately she
5:58 am
had a decline because she will be shooting her series. she also said she loves a man in uniform. 558 cut in the morning and we'll take a look outside. we want more and top stories coming up in the next hour.
5:59 am

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